Women's rights: nothing is acquired, everything remains to be done!

Tuesday 14/03 from 11:30 to 12:30

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The event to understand how to make gender equality effective and real

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1 hour to move the lines for March 8

We offer a one-hour online event & free of charge.
The idea? To raise awareness while spending a convivial moment.

Gender inequalities

1. Take stock of violence against women and inequalities in France

Women's rights

2. Understand that the sinews of war are the lack of means

Taking action to reduce gender inequality

3. Carry the message of the Women's Foundation and raise awareness


Adopting a different view of gender inequality

To become aware of the extent of inequalities

By understanding the systemic issues and consequences of violence against women

Be aware of the lack of means

By realizing the numbers behind the reality and the need for funding to make a real difference

Making a critical cause visible

By sharing concrete and ambitious demands made by the associations

Women's Foundation Logo

This event is co-organized with the Women's Foundation , which is the reference structure in France for the freedom and rights of women and against violence against them.

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It's March 14 at 11:30 a.m. online, it's free, and it's guaranteed impact!

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I discover on Vendredi the diversity of possible actions with partner associations specialized in social link.