Creating a committed corporate culture and retaining talent

A platform designed to get the collective moving

Multiple modes of action to strengthen cohesion and commitment

All the tools you need to make your impact felt both internally and externally

Create a committed corporate culture and build talent loyalty with Vendredi

The future belongs to committed companies

Talents are looking for committed companies

77% of French people

place a company's social commitment as a priority criterion in their career choices

(Source: Ekodev CSR Barometer, Des enjeux et des hommes-Occurrence, November 2017)

Levers must be found to (re)engage employees

Only 7% of employees

say they are "actively engaged" in their day-to-day work

(Source: Gallup - State of the Global Workplace Executive Summary)

A strong CSR culture reinforces pride in belonging

90% of employees

of companies with a strong CSR strategy are proud of their company (versus 66% of companies without a CSR strategy)

(Source: Benhamou, S. & Diaye, M-A - Corporate social responsibility and competitiveness).

With Vendredi, you can develop a truly committed corporate culture.

Your CSR becomes a strong marker of your corporate culture

With Vendredi, your CSR commitments come to life. Your employees know about your projects, get involved in your approach and become your best ambassadors.

Our support in setting up a commitment policy (commitment days, objectives, highlights...)

A platform that involves employees (call for projects, voting...)

Your employees are aware of your efforts and value your commitments

Create a strong corporate culture with Vendredi

Team cohesion at all levels

The Vendredi platform is designed to create collective momentum around your CSR projects and strengthen links between colleagues.

15 highlights to create a collective emulation throughout the year

+500 solidarity teambuildings help you build team spirit

Gamification of the platform ensures employee enthusiasm

Sharing/feedback features for a collective experience

Improve team cohesion with Vendredi

Your company's attractiveness is strengthened and you retain your talents.

With Vendredi, you're responding to talent's quest for meaning: they feel useful and are involved in your company's social projects.

Your commitment approach is integrated into all your HR processes (recruitment, onboarding, manager training, etc.).

A dedicated page to promote your actions internally and externally

Numerous ways to get your employees to contribute to your CSR strategy

Strengthen your employer brand

Your employees are proud to contribute to your projects

They identify with your values, get involved on a daily basis... and their satisfaction grows along with your impact.

Retaining talent and boosting team cohesion

Your brand proves it's up to the challenge

Your embodied CSR strategy strengthens your employer brand, builds employee loyalty and attracts talent in search of meaning at work.

Developing a committed corporate culture

Internal cohesion is multiplied

Your committed corporate culture strengthens bonds, and your commitments shine through both internally and externally.

Creating a committed corporate culture and retaining talent with the CSR platform Vendredi

Do you want to build team loyalty?

The Vendredi platform strengthens the cohesion and commitment of your employees.

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