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Vendrediis much more than a platform. You benefit from a dedicated CSR expert for personalized support on all your CSR issues.

Vendredi - A dedicated CSR expert to support your CSR projects
Launch your CSR approach with Vendredi


How we can help you launch your CSR initiative

Our CSR experts are on hand to help you frame and launch your commitment. At every stage, they shed light on your challenges with expertise and a smile.

Help in framing your approach: commitment policy, priority causes...

Platform configuration (SSO, tech integration, entity settings, etc.)

Integration of your engagement history (Non-profits partners, missions...)

Definition of a success plan: objectives, roles, KPIs...

Onboarding dedicated to administrators


A dedicated CSR expert to support you

Whether it's monitoring your performance or sharing strategic advice, your dedicated expert is at your side!

Ongoing strategic and operational monitoring

Help with day-to-day management of the process

Co-construction workshops & sharing best practices

Regular monitoring and review

Dedicated CSR experts with Vendredi
CSR tools and methodologies - Vendredi


Tools and methodologies at your disposal

At each stage of the project (process scoping, technical onboarding, day-to-day management, assessment...), our teams share useful content and resources with you.

Communication and promotion kit

CSR action plan templates and interactive guides

Monthly content curation based on your news


Continuous support via email, chat or telephone

For your administrators, employees or Non-profits, our support team answers all questions by email, telephone or live chat.

Support chat available Monday to Friday

A comprehensive, continuously enriched help center

Telephone assistance from our CSR experts

Ongoing support and assistance with the CSR platform Vendredi

Our 4 commitments to support you


Our experts, recognised specialists in CSR issues, will provide you with information and support on all your challenges.

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Our teams are committed to answering all your questions and requests as quickly as possible.


Structured support and resources for autonomy (documentation, FAQs, etc.)

Vendredi - picto - smiles


Our teams help you with a smile, without losing sight of the radical ambition to act urgently.


Close support during the launch

Help in framing your project

Definition of objectives, days of engagement, priority causes...

Help in selecting high-impact content for your space Vendredi

Identification of the necessary internal resources

Support for the successful adoption of the platform

Provision of a communication kit

Meetings and launch events

Setting up and training a community of ambassadors

CSR experts Vendredi

Quick and easy to set up

Easy tech and SSO integration

Quick import of your employees

Customisation of the platform to your colours


Assistance in the day-to-day management of the process

Every month, new content is proposed according to the latest CSR news with turnkey communication kits.

Ongoing identification of local partners to accelerate and expand your approach

Helping to animate your network of ambassadors

Technical and functional support (email, phone, chat) available from Monday to Friday for all users

Business support available around the clock by email, telephone and chat for local administrators and referents (ambassadors, Non-profits...).

Keep track of your performance with Vendredi


Continuous monitoring of your performance and our strategic advice

Strategic monitoring meetings at 4 and 10 months

Ongoing support to assess and quantify your impact

Benchmarks to compare yourself to other companies and to get inspiration from best practices

Vendredi supports all your company's stakeholders!

CSR managers, local referents, ambassadors, employees or even Non-profits partners: our experts answer questions, advise and support all the stakeholders in your projects.

Other features of Vendredi

Vendredi - The benchmark CSR platform, with experts in corporate commitment

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