A collaborative platform

The Vendredi platform is natively social and viral. Its gamified and playful features encourage collaboration and sharing, and create emulation within teams.

Vendredia collaborative, fun and gamified platform.
Vendredi - sharing and collaboration functionality


Sharing and collaboration features

With Vendredi, your employees become players in your commitments: they share their opinions, propose projects, suggest new Non-profits projects to support...

A call for projects function

Suggest actions, Non-profits...

Opinions and testimonials associated with each mission

Integrated satisfaction questionnaires


A playful, gamified philosophy

The Vendredi platform has been designed to create emulation between colleagues. Features have been designed to encourage sharing and maximize engagement.

Points earned for each challenge completed

Colleagues' actions shared for inspiration

Invitations and sponsorships between employees

Social network sharing options

Vendredi - a playful, gamified philosophy
Vendredi - a CSR platform offering a personalized experience for your employees


Personalized recommendations for each employee

VendrediIt's like the spotify of commitment! Each employee has a space that is 100% personalized according to the themes and types of mission that interest him or her.

Suggested actions based on preferences (causes, location, availability, etc.).

The ability to create favorites lists


Internal ambassadors to promote your projects

Vendredi supports you in creating and coordinating an internal network of platform ambassadors, to help you implement your CSR approach on a daily basis and in the field.

Ambassadors by entity, by theme...

Personalized access for ambassadors

With Vendredi, your ambassadors can help you promote your CSR projects internally.

Other features of Vendredi

Vendredi - The benchmark CSR platform, with experts in corporate engagement

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