Today, there's an urgent need to act!

Fortunately, many of us
want to take action.

Yet we spend 80,000 hours of our lives working.  
Their first challenge is to mobilise all their employees around social and environmental issues.
They respond to all the challenges facing society and are simple to implement in companies.

In addition, it is in the interestof companies to engage

Improve their commercial performance

Attracting the talent of tomorrow

Retain their employees

Developing skills

So why haven't all the companies
taken the plunge yet?

This is because they face 4 key obstacles

1. Framing my approach

3. Day-to-day facilitation

2. Implementing actions

4. Managing my commitments

That's why we created Vendredi

A unique platform


Vendredi a project like no other

Vendredi - A Bcorp-certified company
Vendredi - engagement platform
Vendredi - The benchmark CSR platform, with experts in corporate commitment

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