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Founded in 2018, the social start-up Vendredi federates companies and their employees around the players and solutions that make things happen (in the right direction). Vendredi With a platform, content and experts, it is the benchmark partner for companies' social and environmental transition.

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Despite progress, companies are struggling to accelerate CSR
More than ever willing to advance CSR, companies lack the time and resources to do so...
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Is it in your interest to share your salary grids internally?
Feedback from Luko, Lucca and Vendredi, where employees have access to detailed pay scales.
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Get involved against light pollution, fight against street muggings... Five ideas for action
Make the link between the business world and solidarity initiatives, become a rural volunteer... Find five ideas to act on a daily basis.
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5 concrete ways to involve your colleagues (and management) in a CSR approach
Acting for the climate, against inequalities, for gender equality... Here are some ways to take action.
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Program "C'est ça la France
With Malcolm Ouzeri, marketing director of the Start - up "Friday" in "These committed entrepreneurs and 100% Made in France
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Felix de Monts (Co-founder of Vendredi): "Vendredi is a social start-up that enables every employee to change the world without changing their job."
Interview with Félix de Monts by Estelle Imbert for Forbes.
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Programme "Bien dans son job" (in French)
Monday May 2, 2022, SMART JOB welcomes Félix de Monts (Co-founder and CEO of Vendredi)...
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Start-up Vendredi aims to accelerate employees' commitment to community involvement
The employee awareness and engagement platform has raised €4.4 million from a panel of impact investors. It aims to have 1,500 corporate clients by 2023.
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La France Bouge - World Volunteer Day
Félix de Monts, founder of Vendredi, is the guest of La France bouge. Vendredi is a start-up that offers...
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