Your 100% customizedCSR platform

Benefit from an engagement platform that reflects your image and is customised to your needs. With Vendredi, your commitments come to life!

Vendredi - white label platform
Vendredi - a 100% customisable platform


Customize your own platform

The Vendredi platform is a white label platform: you customise it with your logo, your colours and your topics. In a few minutes, you can set up your entities and invite all your employees.

Platform with your image (logos, colours...)

All content customisable


Your clear and shared commitment policy

A homepage allows you to present your key CSR issues to your employees... and you can even present it to your candidates!

A homepage to present your commitments

Pages for each of your CSR themes

Vendredi - A page presenting your commitments
Vendredi - an engagement platform where everything is customisable


Quick and easy to set up

The Vendredi platform adapts to all your needs. You define your company's rules of engagement (types of missions that can be carried out, priority subjects, number of possible "engagement days", etc.).

Configurable rules of engagement

10 languages available


Personalized recommendations for each employee

With Vendredi, your employees benefit from suggested actions according to their preferences (causes, location, availability, etc.).

Search filters and preferences

Possibility to create a list of favourites

Vendredi - a CSR platform that provides a personalised experience for your employees

Did you know that?
Vendrediislike the spotify of commitment!
Each of your employees has a space that is 100% personalised according to the themes and types of missions that interest them.

Other features of Vendredi

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