Quick and easy to set up

The Vendredi platform is ultra-easy to learn. In just a few minutes, you can set up your entities, define your rules of engagement and invite all your employees.

Ultra-easy, fast platform setup Vendredi


Integration with your HRIS

No need to invite new employees to Vendredi or remove those who have left. User accounts are automatically activated and deactivated, so you don't have to do a thing.

Some examples of HRIS with which Vendredi can be integrated:

PayFit - Customer VendrediLucca logoTalentsoft logoWorkday logo
Vendredi - a customizable engagement platform


Setting your rules of engagement

The Vendredi platform adapts to all your needs. You define your company's rules of engagement (types of missions that can be carried out, priority subjects, number of possible "days of engagement", etc.).

Authorized types of missions (mentoring, field work, etc.)

Configurable commitment day credits

Flexible commitment formats (work or volunteer time)


Create your engagement actions in 2 clicks

With Vendredi, creating or adding a new mission or engagement program has never been easier. Platform administrators and ambassadors alike can do it in just 3 clicks.

Integration of your engagement history

Templates to create your actions in 2 clicks

A library of content to draw from

The Vendredi CSR platform lets you create your engagement actions in 2 clicks

Other features of Vendredi

Vendredi - The benchmark CSR platform, with experts in corporate engagement

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