Place employee engagement at the heart of your corporate culture

With a platform that helps you mobilize your employees, lead the process, and enhance the impact generated.

Vendredi - Place employee engagement at the heart of your corporate culture

We work with over 350 companies and over 3,500 Non-profits and CSR partners.

Employee engagement is the key to your transformation

awareness - platform Vendredi

Social and environmental transition is today's business challenge


Inclusive recruitment



Behavior change


Support Non-profits with the platform Vendredi

Employee engagement is essential for a successful transition


Skill Sponsorship

17 ODD


Involvement in associations

Gender equality

Teambuildings in solidarity with Vendredi

A deep and lasting employee engagement means being rooted in your culture



Managing your CSR approach


Commitment policy

Corporate culture

Vendredi, what is it?

Vendredi - Place employee engagement at the heart of your corporate cultureVendredi - Place employee engagement at the heart of your corporate culture

The employee engagement platform

With Vendredi, your employees can learn more, raise awareness, take action atNon-profits and play their part in your CSR strategy.

A complete methodology and support

Vendredi facilitates the day-to-day management of your CSR approach and enables you to continuously measure your social and environmental impact.



3 500




Employee engagement :

Workplace engagement means that employees adopt or implement practices that contribute, directly or indirectly, to solving social and environmental challenges as defined by the UN (17 SDGs).

Getting informed or raising awareness

Getting involved in the field

Organizing a high-impact event

Support a Non-profit

Participate in your company's CSR strategy

Sponsoring skills

Mobilizing your company for a cause


I involve myself in a CSR project at my company

2 hours per month

Save time and increase your impact with Vendredi

I write a letter to an isolated elderly person

30 minutes online

Logo 1 letter 1 smile

I take part in a climate mural

Team workshop - June 3

Logo La Fresque du climat
Caroline and Rapha√ęlle organize a collection of feminine hygiene products

I organize a collection of feminine hygiene products

February 6 to 12 at the office

Gender inequality

I support diversity in my company

Internal CSR project

I'm aware of disability

I take part in a webinar on disability issues

Webinar - October 28

Justine and Malcolm calculate their carbon footprint

I calculate my carbon footprint

In-house workshop on November 4

2tonnes logo
Rach√ęl mentors

I mentor a young person in difficulty

1 hour per week

A1 is part of Non-profits , which offers missions on the platform Vendredi
Mission La Sauge

I organize a team-building event for my team

1/2 day

Waste collection

I take part in a waste collection

May 2 in Lille, Lyon & Metz

Create communication visuals for a Non-profit

I create visuals for a Non-profit

2h online

Emma√ľs D√©fi logo
Kabubu Mission

I make a donation to the Non-profit of my choice


Unicef logo
CSR Ambassadors

I become an ambassador for the local CSR approach

Corporate CSR project

Participate in a food distribution

I take part in a food distribution

April 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Paris

Salvation Army logo

Benefits for your company

Your company becomes committed and engaging

Attracting and retaining talent

Well-being and quality of life at work

Pride of belonging

Team building

Your CSR becomes a performance lever

CSR labels & certifications

Sustainability report

Enhanced brand image

Social and tax benefits

You're contributing to a better world

Direct and indirect support for the non-profits ecosystem

Contribution to the 17 SDGs

Territorial anchorage

Adoption of new internal practices

Our recipe for getting all your employees on board

They are committed to Non-profit

Mentoring, skills sponsorship, missions in the field, fund-raising: all the ways you can help...

They raise awareness

Your employees become aware of the key issues.
They embody your transition on a daily basis.

They are part of your strategy

Your employees understand your commitments, and share their opinions and ideas with you.

CSR Platform Vendredi - Mobilize your teams

Relay ambassadors

A complete system to identify, equip and help your ambassadors to lead your approach.

A logic of highlights

A set of contents, a communication kit, at the heart of your animation strategy.

Gamification of the platform

A specialized platform to promote employee engagement.

CSR Platform Vendredi - Optimize your CSR strategy

Social and environmental impact

Full reporting on the impact of your actions, both internally and externally.

Impact RH

Measuring the impact of engagement on your employees' well-being and their quest for meaning is an integral part of the process.


It's easy to add value to your actions in calls for tender and certifications, and contributes to your competitiveness.

Commitment platform Vendredi - Increase your social and environmental impact

These companies are transforming with Vendredi

Of all sizes and in all sectors, with their own specific characteristics, these companies work with us to place employee engagement at the heart of their corporate culture.

"By implementing Vendredi at the very beginning of our CSR strategy, we have created a culture where every employee in our 23 countries is aware of ESG issues and empowered to make impactful decisions locally."

Impact created with Vendredi

Already +40 Non-profits supported worldwide

Alicia, CSR Manager
1,000 employees

Alicia, Accord Invest
Logo accor

The issue

Benefit from a platform that centralizes and reflects the company's commitment.

Impact created with Vendredi

+1200 employees registered, +3600 hours of commitment and 420 missions completed since 2021

Sarah, Social Innovation Project Manager
- 25,000 employees

Sarah Walbert - Suez Environnement
Suez logo

"With Vendredi, Fondation SNCF contributes more than ever to the SNCF Group's missions of social and territorial cohesion and inclusion."

Impact created with Vendredi

Already 2,750 employees and more than 3,000 assignments in 12 regions

La√ętita, General Delegate to the Foundation - 270,000 employees

La√ętitia, SNCF
SNCF logo

The issue

Making the last years of an employee's career more exciting

Impact created with Vendredi

Senior employees supported in a positive transition to retirement

Laure, Societal Commitment Manager - 6,600 employees

Laure, Director of Social Commitment at ADP Group, talks about using the engagement platform Vendredi
The ADP Group is a customer of Vendredi

The issue

Deploy new ways to attract and retain new talent

Impact created with Vendredi

Twenty interns have already benefited from the experience of a shared internship.

Maeva, Recruitment Officer
4,000 employees

Mazars uses Vendredi, the social commitment platform
Mazars uses the CSR tool Vendredi

"Vendredi, is a team that's always reactive to give advice or make the platform evolve. That's why we plan to extend our actions internationally."

Impact created with Vendredi

+80 employees involved with different nonprofits and +1000 impact hours

Man√ęlle, CSR Manager
600 employees

Mana√ęlle, CSR manager at Wemanity, talks about using the CSR platform Vendredi
Wemanity uses Vendredi for its CSR strategy

Companies choose us

We work with over 350 companies of all sizes and in all sectors, from small and medium-sized businesses to major corporations.

Employees love us

Thousands of employees have already signed up with Vendredi, for over 550,000 hours of positive impact!

Non-profits join us

3,500 Non-profits worldwide, on all CSR themes, are already part of the Vendredi network.

Vendredi - The benchmark CSR platform, with experts in corporate engagement

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