Une animation et communication à 360° simplifiée

On the Vendredi platform or on your internal communication channels, you can notify your teams automatically and involve them in the diversity of their desires.

Simplify and facilitate the communication of your CSR actions - Vendredi


Une animation de votre démarche facilitée

Avec Vendredi, animer votre démarche RSE devient très facile. La plateforme vous aide à créer de l'engouement autour de vos actions et à embarquer vos équipes avec une logique de temps forts.

Une aide à l'animation de votre démarche

Une plateforme pensée pour créer un élan collectif

Des temps forts RSE pour booster la participation

Vendredi - Animer sa démarche RSE
Easier communication with the platform Vendredi


Key information shared automatically with your teams

The experts at Vendredi ensure regular communication with your teams, engaging them on all your key issues and guaranteeing the success of your approach.

Your actions "in the spotlight" on the platform

A monthly newsletter with personalized suggestions for each employee

Automatic reminders for assignments to be completed


Turnkey communication kits and emailings

On the Vendredi platform, you'll find communication kits to easily inform your teams of the actions available. All you have to do is use them to inspire your teams to take action!

Communication kits

Email templates to take over

The possibility to send messages to all or part of the database in 1 click

On the Vendredi platform, you will find turnkey communication kits to support your CSR approach.


Interconnections with your internal environments

The Vendredi platform integrates with your internal environments (Slack, Teams, Workplace...) to help you communicate and share information more easily with your teams.
These interconnections enable users to be reminded when they have a mission to complete or a challenge to complete, and offers to leave feedback on completed missions. Small 3-minute awareness-raising challenges can also be pushed onto your teams.

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Other features of Vendredi

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